18 August 2012

Langthorn - Hurst - Theel - Nester


Thomas William LANGTHORN married Annie THEEL in 1887 at Salem Baptist Church, Gumeracha, South Australia.

Thomas William LANGTHORN (1864-1928)

Thomas W LANGTHORN (1864-1928) was the son of James LANGTHORN (1836-1894) and Catherine HURST (1833-1891) of Pinner, Middlesex, England. Thomas was an assisted immigrant, arriving in South Australia on the Cicero in April 1883.

Grocery shop operated by Thomas William LANGTHORN in West Wayville, Adelaide, South Australia

Annie THEEL (1864-1918) was the daughter of Christian Friedrich Ernst THEEL (1833-1904) who had arrived in Port Adelaide, South Australia in 1855 on board the cargo ship the Rosamunde from Hamburg. He'd been ship's carpenter on the journey from Prussia. He, his cousin Rheinold Schwinzer (aka Raynolt Schevinger and later as Raynolt Swincer) and Hermon Veruger, decided to jump ship and hide in the Adelaide Hills until they could be sure that the ship had left port. Desertion was a serious offence.  More on Swincer.

Three years later Christian F E THEEL married an Irish migrant Anne NESTER who gave birth to 3 boys and 4 girls. All but one survived to adulthood.

L to R Annie THEEL holding baby Allan LANGTHORN, Ethel May LANGTHORN, Thomas William LANGTHORN and Lucy Annie LANGTHORN
Before setting up a grocer's shop in Wayville, Adelaide, he worked as a store assistant in Gumeracha where he met his wife-to-be, Annie THEEL.

The family lived at Hawthorne Cottage, shown below, 17 Murray Street in Gumeracha, where they took an active role in the Salem Baptist Church shown at right.

With the help of THEEL researcher in Wernigerode, Germany, Jörg THEEL I've discovered more about the family background of Christian F E THEEL. He was born in 1833 in Swinemünde, Pommern, Prussia, now known as Świnoujście, Poland. 

His parents were Johann Christian Peter THEEL, ship's carpenter (1801 Swinemünde, Pommern - ) and Sophia MUENTZLAFF (Müntzlaff, 1805 Swinemünde, Pommern - ). He had at least four brothers: Wilhelm Ferdinand August (1830- , Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand (1836 -), Johann Christian Ludwig (1838 - ) and August Ferdinand Rudolph (1846 -). Johann Christian Peter THEEL's ancestors can be traced back to Friedrich THEEL, distiller (1744-1800) and Christina BERG, his grandparents.

NESTER (Nestor. Naster)
Ann Nester (1835-1899) an Irish immigrant, arrived in Port Adelaide on the Lord of the Isles which had left Liverpool England in December1854. She was to be a domestic servant. She was said to be from Clare, although the ship's manifest shows her origin as Kings County, now known as Offaly. There is a town called Clara in Co. Offaly. Perhaps this was her home town.

Hawthorne Cottage
Her two younger sisters Ellen NESTER (1841-1929) and Jane NESTER (1839-?) arrived in South Australia five years later on The North which also left from Liverpool. Their previous residence was shown as Kings County too, although Ellen's birthplace was also given, Ballymena, Ulster, now in Northern Ireland. 
Ellen married Theophillus TALBOT in 1852. They settled in Hurtle Vale, south of Adelaide and produced 13 children, 11 of them reaching adulthood.

Ann NESTER and Christian Friedrich Ernst THEEL
I have not been able to discover what happened to Jane NESTER. Ann, Ellen and Jane were the daughters of James Patrick NESTER.

I hold a copy of a letter written in May 1864 by Theophillus TALBOT in Hurtle Vale, on behalf of his wife Ellen NESTER to her sister Ann and her husband Christian THEEL living in Gumeracha. It would suggest that Ann and Ellen NESTER were probably illiterate. The letter includes news of the TALBOT family and congratulates Christian and Ann on the birth of their second daughter. This would have been Annie THEEL born on the 6 March 1864.

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