Henri S Golding

Henri Stephen Golding was the third son of Edmund Golding (1857-1930) and Mary Theresa Jordan of Port Elliot, South Australia. He was born Stephen Henry Golding in 1883 at Port Elliot and died in 1960 at Port Elliot.

Henri Golding is listed as a photographer at Port Elliot in directories from 1911 to 1914 and was living there in 1927 when his mother died.  In 1931 when his father died, he was living in Mount Barker, South Australia. He was interested in other areas of the arts and was secretary of Soldiers of the Pen Literary Society in Adelaide.  He submitted prize-winning entries in competitions for catchphrases for a bank and patriotic slogans. (Trove digitised Australian newspapers).

However in 1909 he was living in Brown Street (2),  Adelaide, South Australia. Over 100 years ago he wrote a series of postcards to my 19 year old grandmother Lucy Annie Langthorn (1890-1972), hoping to invite her out. The postcards were photographs he had taken himself - in various places in Adelaide and Victor Harbor, 80 km away. He wrote about what he was doing, including attending a lecture about colour photography at the society of arts in 1909. My grandmother sometimes holidayed with her family in Port Elliot where his English-born grandparents Stephen Golding (c1834-1903) and Sarah Peacock (c1838-1907) had settled and where his own parents lived. Perhaps that is how Lucy Langthorn met Henri Golding.

Here are my transcriptions and brief descriptions of the postcards. Some were posted while others were personally delivered to my great grandfather's shop in Wayville, Adelaide. It looks like he might have planned to "accidentally" meet my grandmother there when delivering some of the postcards. 

The correspondence ended abruptly in December 1909. My grandmother Lucy A Langthorn married my grandfather Hugh Rodney Clark (1897-1976) in 1920 after corresponding with him throughout the first world war.  I never knew why Henri stopped writing to Lucy.  Henri never married.

The cards were clearly treasured by my grandmother who wrapped them in tissue paper and passed them to my mother, her only daughter.

1.      Front (Picture of Zoological Gardens, Adelaide)

Post date Adelaide 13:30 Jan 10 1909

Miss Lucy Langthorn (aged 18 years)
Panama House
Port Elliot

Thank you - it was a pleasure to get your card. Was out at Childers St on Saturday afternoon when Ethel, Allan and I had a good time. Of course you are enjoying yourself.  How about the 'kike'! Be a good girl! I send one hundred crosses!
Yours lovingly

(added after top LH corner)
Like the name of your house!!!!
Regards to Miss Lulu P--- HG
2.      Sunset over ocean
Post date 1pm Jan 18 1909

Miss Lucy Langthorn

Stremely (sic) pleased to hear from you. Also that you are enjoying a well-earned holiday. When are you returning? This is one of my photo views. Love from Henri SG

Added after top LH corner XXX? Busy we are HG

3.      Front (Picture of ?Port Adelaide)
Post date: Adelaide ??? 15 - 8am

Miss L Langthorn
45 Childers St
North Adelaide

As Mr L could not tell me anything definite about your arrangements for tonight I decided not to go out. Instead I went to the lecture on Colour photography in Society of Arts Room, which, to be Irish, was not held. Attendance poor, postponed for a month. Rushed away to another part of the building where someone was lecturing on the “Land of the Midnight Sun” illustrated with fine lantern views. I enjoyed it. Please when may I come out? Love XXs from HG

Male Silhouette
(possibly the writer)
Not posted. Writer dated 30 August 1909

Miss Lucy L
45 Childers St

Lucy - from Darkie G

Maria Corelli[1]
Not posted. Undated.
Poem attributed to Maria Corelli

“Seek and ye shall find.

I have found Thee O Lord!
Not in cold temples built by human hands
But in the broad beneficence of skies

I have heard Thy Voice
Not in the pauses of a priestly prayer
But in the tender whispering of the leaves
And in the daily breathings of the air.

I have felt Thy touch
Not in the rush of world’s delight on gain
But in the stress of agony and tears
And in the slow pulsations of strong pain

I have found Thy Love
Not when earth’s flattering friends around me smiled
But in deep solitude of desolate days
Then wast Thou very gentle with Thy child

I have seen Thy Face
Not in the great light of the Cross
But through the darkness of forgotten graves
And the pale dawning recompense of loss.

Yea I have found Thee God!
They breath doth fill me with a strength divine!
And were a thousand worlds like this my foes
The battle would be brief - the victory mine!”

There do you like it? I do.
Yours Henry SG

Jetty view
Post dated 19 Sep
Writer dated 17 Sep 1909
 Miss Lucy Langthorn
45 Childers Street
North Adelaide

As mother is much better I have decide not to go home for a while, so, all being well I shall be out tomorrow afternoon. Hope that all are well. Love from Henri S Golding

Not posted. 
Writer dated 22 Sep 1909

Dear Lucy
I’m sorry that I hadn’t time on Monday morning  to run in to have a word. Saw you, though you didn’t see me. What about our theatre trip? Let me know what might suit you. I’m having a gay time this week but it’s just about time that I lost myself, isn’t it? Last night Mrs Capper and I were at the “Pickshave” (?)  Tomorr ow night I go to a Shakespearean evening at the University. I am hungering for something Shakespearean and am assured that the literary spread tomorrow night will be of the best. The Tempest is to be reviewed. How about my daffodils? I’m not satisfied yet. The arranging is bad. Love from Henri S G

Tree trunks
Post dated illegibly

Miss Lucy Langthorn
45 Childers Street
North Adelaide

Returned handkerchief per Mr L this morning. Many thanks for same. Disappointed - very - at not seeing you this week. Why didn’t you call?
Yours lovingly
Henri S G
131 Brown Street[2]

Bearded male head
Post dated 5 Nov 5am 1909

Miss Lucy Langthorn
45 Childers St
North Adelaide
(rain spotted address)
Many thanks. Am still confined to my room. Do not know when I will be abl to come out. Mrs Golding is back. My brother sent for her on Wednesday. Glad that Miss Thiele[3] is getting better. My kind love to all.

The Debutant - from a painting
Post dated Adelaide Nov? 12 1909

Miss Lucy Langthorn
45 Childers St North Adelaide

How are you all? This is my latest copy but printed rather dark. A lovely girl. This does not do her justice. How does the weather suit? Quite summery. Is Ethel’s cold better? I did not see you at the shop this morning. Were you there?  
Much love from HSG

Avenue of trees
Post dated 6am 21 Dec 1909

Miss Lucy Langthorn
45 Childers St N A

Quite forgot to thank you for that beautiful little birthday gift. I prize it very much. Am afraid that I will not be able to come out again.  Time is short and I have much (too much to do)
From HSG

[1] Maria Corelli (1855-1924) was born Mary Mackay the illegitimate daughter of a well known Scottish poet and songwriter. In her time she was the most widely read author of fiction. Her books were overwhelmingly popular, published in their millions. The critics loathed her, savagely criticising her talents, her plots, and her characterisations. The public adored her however as did both Queen Victoria, King Edward VII and the future King George V, and she had many friends amongst other literati and all the famous actors and actresses of late Victorian and the early part of the 20th Century. Marie Corelli lived in Stratford-on-Avon with her life long companion Bertha Vyver. From http://www.womenofbrighton.co.uk/mariecorelli.htm

[2] In 1967 Brown Street was subsumed into Morphett Street the main road in the west of the central business district[1] (CBD) of Adelaide, South Australia. It runs north-south, between North Terrace and South Terrace

[3] Miss Thiele must refer to Ethel May Theel, Lucy Langthorn’s maternal aunt who never married. She lived with her sister Louisa Bertha Theel and her husband Angus Moore at Willowmor, Hahndorf, the former home of Albert Storch, a noted scholar.